Thursday, January 15, 2009

Creating a Bookmark to Jump Down to the Current Semester

1. Sign into WebCT

2. At the top of the screen, click Bookmarks

3. On the right, under Options: Personal Bookmarks, click Create

4. In the Name box, type Spring 2009

5. In the Location box, type javascript:window.scrollTo(0,500)

0,500 describes the location on the screen you want the browser to jump to. The first number (0) indicates the left to right position. The second number indicates how many pixles down the page you need to be. Adjust the second number by trial and error to get you to the top of the Spring 2009 list of courses.

6. Click Add Bookmark

7. At the top of the sceent, click MyBlackboard

8. On the right you should see the Spring 2009 link under Personal Bookmarks

9. Click Spring 2009

The screen scrolls to the postion you selected in the Location box. If this is not where you want it to be, return to the Boolmarks page and edit the Spring 2009 bookmark to try a different value for the second number.