Sunday, June 07, 2009

WebCT to Bb9

At Rhode Island College the decision has been made to move from WebCT to Blackboard v9. Since WebCT is now Blackboard you would think the transition from one to the other would be pretty easy. There is a migration tool and you can back up the old course from WebCT and migrate it to Bb9. However, Bb9 is a different LMS. It does not have the same look and feel as WebCT.

The data comes over, but the course looks quite different. After migrating one of my courses to Bb9, I have come to the conclusion that I would rather start from scratch and build a new course in Bb9. All the content from WebCT can still be used, so I do not have to re-write those assignments, lecture notes, slide decks, or even quizzes. I can use them in my new Bb9 course.

I have written some White Papers for building a course in Bb9. The link is

Let me know your thoughts and experiences with the move.


Tips Experts For You said...

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Anonymous said...


That's interesting, I'm currently trying to import a WebCT course into Blackboard 7 going on 8, I guess I have to do it the long way. Any tips?


Dick Evans said...

Not sure about going to 7 or 8. We have only been making the move to 9, which I understand is very different.

You do need an update to WebCT to allow exporting a course from it to Bb. Make sure you have that, and then give it a try. Depending on how your course is laid out, it may work fine for you.

Lizzie said...

Ok, I'll need to keep that in mind when I come to Bb version 9.


Anonymous said...
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